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Depression sucks. At its worst, it can be completely debilitating, sucking up your motivation to talk to anyone or do anything. You often worry you’ll never come out of it. But sometimes, the darkest times inspire the greatest art. Of course, it’s not always easy to see that when you’re at your lowest. Such is the case with New York singer-songwriter Mal Blum, whose latest album, 2015’s You Look a Lot Like Me, was written when they were suffering from a crushing year-long depression. What came out of it, however, was a fresh perspective of one’s own self, masterfully told through 10 fuzzed-out, sometimes delicate songs that unravel like therapeutic confessions. It’s not all gloom and despair, though: On “Cool Party,” Blum likens the feeling of coming out of a depression and having a crush on someone to being at a really fun party that you’re unsure you’re ready to be at. “Cool party, it’s like the best party, like I wish I had something to wear,” they sing forlornly. Anyone who’s ever dealt with depression knows that things don’t get better in a day. It’s the small things—like forcing yourself to go to a party—that helps you make the great leaps toward feeling normal again. Mal Blum performs with Hothead and Bad Moves at 7:30 p.m. at the Black Cat Backstage, 1811 14th St. NW. $12. (202) 667-4490. blackcatdc.com.