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Since 2009, Greta Kline, the performer known to listeners as Frankie Cosmos, has published more than 50 albums, EPs, and singles on her Bandcamp page. Kline is only 22. Nearly 40 of those records were released before Zentropy, her first studio album. By putting her emotions and process on display, Kline built a loving following in the New York DIY folk scene and on the Internet. Much of her early work is little more than sketches of songs whispered into a laptop, but for every fleeting trial there’s a precious gem of a melody. The wealth of material builds on itself, rewarding her most dedicated fans with jokes and in-the-know references. This widespread popularity is no viral fluke. Her talent is becoming even clearer as Kline learns to edit. A second studio record—Next Thing, out April 1—features new recordings of fan favorites and brilliant compositions. It’s a quiet album that barely contains its energy. “Sometimes I get sinister/ can’t always turn to Arthur,” she sings with a smile on her new single as she references her biggest influence and a common character in her music, Arthur Russell. Her output has slowed recently, but the quality is better than it’s ever been. Frankie Cosmos performs with Eskimeaux and Anna McClellan at 8 p.m. at DC9, 1940 9th St. NW. $12. (202) 483-5000. dcnine.com.