D.C.’s Maracuyeah DJ Collective will celebrate its fifth anniversary the way this team of female music spinners always has—with guest performers and DJs playing tropical dance music that Maracuyeah refers to as “Pan-Latin to the Future.” Maracuyeah—whose name combines the word maracuyá, a Peruvian and Colombian passion fruit, with a Colombian slang expression—will present sets by its own DJ Rat and Carmencha at the celebration, as well as ones from Oakland-based Panamanian rap act Los Rakas, Brooklyn-by-way-of-Panama-and-Puerto Rico DJ Bembona, and Venezuelan electro-pop artist MPeach. Los Rakas, formed in 2006, rap in English and Spanish over tracks influenced by reggaeton, dancehall, hip-hop, and EDM. Exuberantly flowing in a bouncy, sing-song manner, its style works no matter your language proficiency. MPeach’s club music mixes programmed loops and sounds from the Caribbean and the global African diaspora with occasional pop-friendly vocals. Bembona’s mixtapes blend horn-heavy old-school salsa with Latin house and Motown soul. At Judy’s, come as you are: This celebration is billed as a “mixed-community-amor, queer-fly, immigrant-posi, POC-centered genderpolice-free, nena-run, friends-welcome, mucho-respeto space.” Bembona, MPeach, and Los Rakas perform at 10 p.m. at Judy’s Bar and Restaurant, 2212 14th St. NW. $15. maracuyeah.com.