Credit: Little Baby's Ice Cream

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Earl Grey Sriracha ice cream sounds like something pregnant women might fight over, but it’s actually one of Little Baby Ice Cream’s best-selling flavors. The Philadelphia-based business known for savory flavors that shock is debuting at Union Market on May 29.

“We steep the traditional black English breakfast tea in the dairy so you get that bergamot oil, slight orange taste, and then we put in Sriracha, the sweet Asian hot sauce, before it goes into the batch freezer,” co-founder Pete Angevine explains.

The Earl Grey Sriracha flavor is making the trip down I-95 along with nine other flavors as a part of a Sundays-only pop-up with no end date. The ice cream shop that got its start as a tricycle-based business in 2011 has Trickling Springs Creamery to thank for its D.C. gig. They’ve provided Little Baby’s Ice Cream with its 16-percent butterfat, grass-fed dairy base for five years, and also have real estate inside Union Market.

“They have a sizable booth, but they are Mennonite and don’t do business on Sundays,” Angevine says. “Every Sunday the whole year the market is throbbing with people, but there’s a darkened ice cream shop with the lights off just sitting there, so we’re simply going to fill that void.” Angevine adds that he and his team has been “scheming for two years” to make this happen.

Little Baby’s Ice Cream will serve scoops in cups and cones Sundays from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. in three sizes priced $3 to $7. Flavors include chocolate salt malt, birch beer vanilla bean, Earl Grey Sriracha, smoked cinnamon, lime toasted coconut, speculoos, and more. Here’s hoping they trust D.C.’s adventurous taste buds and also bring down their whacky everything bagel or pizza flavors.

While they’ll occupy Trickling Springs’ space, not all of Little Baby’s Ice Cream flavors contain dairy. Angevine says four of the ten flavors they’ll serve will be made with a coconut milk base, making them dairy-free and vegan.

Because Trickling Springs Creamery also serves as Little Baby’s Ice Cream’s distributor, Washingtonians can also pick up pints at area markets like Glen’s Garden Market and Little Red Fox.

Little Baby’s Ice Cream is part of the City of Brotherly Love’s slow, but palpable invasion of the District. Also with “coming soon” status: Pizzeria Vetri, HipCityVeg, and Village Whiskey.

Note: Little Baby’s Ice Cream will also scoop on Memorial Day Monday because Union Market will be open.