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If you’re reading this, you may find it hard to believe that summer is coming. Near-constant rain and chilly temperatures in the past month essentially wiped out spring, leaving most Washingtonians wondering if they’d ever see the sun again. The sun is coming, I promise you that. And with it: long and sticky humid days, coupled with balmy, beautiful nights—plus more rain, probably. Still, no matter what the weather’s like, D.C. in the summer is a special time, and you’ll want to take advantage of it. That’s where this guide comes in handy: There’s an enormous wealth of things that summertime in the D.C. area has to offer—from neighborhood street festivals like Capital Pride and Columbia Heights Day, to bike rides along the C&O Canal, to something as effortless as drinking outside at Cantina Marina on the Southwest Waterfront. Save this guide, and when the time comes, get out there, D.C.