The team behind Sushi Capitol and Sushi Ogawa will takeover the former Seasonal Pantry space in Shaw for their latest restaurant.

Like its sister restaurants, the unnamed sushi joint will offer a la carte sushi as well as an omakase menu. Co-owner Can Yurdagul says the restaurant will be more similar in vibe and price to Sushi Capitol than the quieter, more upscale Sushi Ogawa. 

“I want to be the type of place where the residents of that area and people who are nearby can come once a week, twice a week… and it won’t hurt their wallet,” says Yurdagul, who’s joined in the venture by his future father-in-law/chef Minoru Ogawa. The owners are also giving equity in the business to three of their longtime sushi chefs. 

“This is a thank you for all their hard work,” Yurdagul says. “And it’s a commitment to the future, because without them, I’m nothing. We’re one and all.” 

Yurdagul also plans to do something beyond just sushi during daytime hours, but the exact details haven’t been finalized, so stay tuned. The restaurant is currently undergoing some cosmetic upgrades and is set to open in the next two to three weeks.