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Where in Town: Harris Teeter, 1631 Kalorama Road NW

Price: $11.99/six-pack

Too Big to Ale Despite what seems like market-saturating growth, combined American craft beer sales remain a drop in a very large bucket compared to that of Anheuser-Busch InBev. The international goliath has been working to take over its primary competitor, SAB-Miller, in a $100 billion deal that would constitute the fourth largest corporate acquisition in history. In its path toward world domination, AB-InBev is also snatching up small independent breweries, including Virginia’s Devils Backbone. So far, these buyouts have afforded growing breweries resources for greater production volume and distribution range without a loss in quality or autonomy. In the case of Seattle’s Elysian, which AB-InBev procured early last year, D.C. beer fans now have greater access to gems like Superfuzz Blood Orange Pale Ale.  

Blood, Sweat, and Beers Superfuzz, a funk-themed summer seasonal first released in April 2013, launches in its home state of Washington each year with a bikini ski race and party that is as zany and in-your-face as the beer itself. Brewed with a healthy dose of blood orange peel and puree, Superfuzz is a juicy citrus bomb. The brew’s pungent kick is as much from its Cascade, Citra, and Amarillo hops as it is from the fruit and rind. Pale and Munich malts provide an almost sweet, cracker-like base underneath more pronounced grapefruit and, of course, blood orange flavors. The medium-bodied, 6.4-percent-alcohol brew finishes dry with a zesty, bitter aftertaste. Sound refreshing? Superfuzz kegs and bottles are abundant in bars and shops around town. How’s that for superfly?