Vince Gray after voting in the Democratic primary.
Vince Gray after voting in the Democratic primary. Credit: Will Sommer

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Ward 7 hopeful Vince Gray voted for himself early this morning. Then he faced his first heckler. 

As Gray talked to reporters outside Hillcrest’s Washington Senior Wellness Center, Yvette Alexander supporter Brian Boger shouted at Gray about the failed Walmart development at Skyland. Boger said he wanted to know—in front of the cameras, of course—whether Gray would send canteen money to Mark Long, now facing prison time for his role as Gray’s illicitly paid driver

“We’re in the stupid here today,” Gray said. 

Boger likely isn’t the only heckler Gray can expect as he shuttles between election sites today. Yesterday, Alexander and her supporters chanted at Gray as he courted voters at a Denny’s—an unorthodox election tactic Gray calls “laughable.”

The last time Gray cast a ballot for himself, it was for his failed mayoral re-election bid. Now Gray’s odds are better, his polls say, thanks to a big lead in money. 

If Gray wins, though, voters might not have him around for long. Gray declined LL’s offer to pledge to serve out the full four year Council term, which would preclude a run for mayor against Muriel Bowser in 2018. Instead, Gray insisted he never makes plans two years in advance.

Away from the election scrum, Bogan was less brash, saying he had hoped to work on Walmart’s Skyland project. Instead, he said, Gray left the city with “a hole in the ground.” 

“Now I have no hope,” Bogan said. “No hope at all.”