Start practicing your Mariah Carey falsetto now: private room karaoke is coming to H Street NE. 

SingSing Karaoke Palace opens June 22 from the owners of Sticky Rice, which is located right next door. The restaurant has been hosting open mic karaoke since it opened eight years ago. But when it came to private room karaoke, no one else is doing it in Northeast D.C., says owner Jason Martin

The former church at 1222 H St. NE has two karaoke rooms—one that fits 15 to 18 people, and another for 10 to 12. The larger room costs $65 an hour with a one hour-minimum. The smaller one goes for $45 an hour. Rooms can be reserved online with a $45 deposit. Reservations for opening night on Wednesday are free

Martin wasn’t sure the exact number of songs in SingSing’s collection, but he assures it’s large enough that you’ll find your song. The vast majority of the songs come with their accompanying music videos (rather than, say, a group of Korean teens frolicking through a field). 

The full Sticky Rice food and drink menu will be available at SingSing, including sushi, noodles, and tater tots. And although SingSing has its own entrance, the bar at Sticky Rice will act as a karaoke waiting room.