Eleanor Holmes Norton
Eleanor Holmes Norton Credit: Darrow Montgomery

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Another House Republican is using the fiscal year 2017 appropriations bill to target the District’s gun laws.

Arizona Rep. David Schweikert filed an amendment late yesterday to eliminate D.C.’s requirement that a person applying for a concealed carry permit demonstrate “good reason.”

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton released a statement criticizing Schweikert’s amendment as an “undemocratic intrusion into D.C.’s local affairs” and offensive given the recent mass shooting in Orlando.

“We have strong requirements for carrying a gun in public here in the nation’s capital to protect our residents and the high-level federal and foreign officials who frequent our streets and local places,” Norton said in the same statement. “After the horrific mass shooting in Orlando, members should be coming together to work on responsible national gun safety legislation, not autocratically targeting a jurisdiction’s local laws.”

Schweikert, who’s previously attempted to legislate D.C.’s gun laws, is the latest Republican representative to try the amendment tactic. Yesterday, Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie filed two amendments to the appropriations bill: The first would allow open and concealed carry in the District; the second would eliminate D.C.’s gun-free zones. Norton has also criticized Massie’s amendments.

“Representative Massie recklessly envisions people carrying, openly or concealed, guns in the nation’s capital,” she said.

The “good reason” provision made headlines last month after a federal judge ruled it unconstitutional and ordered D.C. police to stop enforcing the requirement.

Ten days after U.S. District Judge Richard J. Leon’s ruling, a panel of judges from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit granted an immediate administrative stay, allowing the District to resume enforcement of the provision. Appeal of the case is currently pending.

Norton will testify against the amendments today.