Alfiess Credit: Darrow Montgomery

Chef Alex McCoy‘s Thai pop-up Alfie’s will end its tenancy in Park View at the end of July. But it won’t be headed to a permanent home at 845 Upshur St. NW in Petworth as initially planned. Rather, McCoy is moving Aflie’s to a larger space in a yet-to-be-finalized location and cooking up new restaurant plans for the Park View and Petworth real estate.

“Alfie’s is a big concept and takes a lot of people, a lot of moving pieces, so we want to find a space where we can expand on that and do some more things and have a bigger menu,” McCoy says. As plans for Alfie’s have evolved, McCoy says the kitchen in Petworth ultimately felt too small: “I would have to turn the whole main floor of Upshur into a kitchen.” Instead, the chef says he’s looking to finalize a lease on a space that’s “more downtown” with lunch traffic and a bigger bar scene. 

McCoy hasn’t decided for sure what he’ll put in the Petworth location instead, but he’s looking for “something unique, something different, and just fun.” Permitting for the back patio will be a big factor in what he decides to do. McCoy has also been doing a burger pop-up within his Thai pop-up called Lucky Buns on Sundays. The chef says that’s not a concept he’s considering for the Petworth space, but he’s looking to grow it at some point, possibly downtown. 

Meanwhile, the Park View property at 3301 Georgia Ave. NW, formerly home to Mothership, will reopen the second week of August as a yet-unnamed American restaurant. Alfie’s chef de cuisine Ramin Coles, who previously worked for Black Market Bistro, will run the kitchen while McCoy focuses on other expansion. Alfie’s Beverage Director Fabian Malone will create a new cocktail menu. McCoy is mum on any additional details except to say there will be a burger—something he’s become particularly known for dating back to his Duke’s Grocery days. “It will be more of a local spot, more for the neighborhood,” he says. “It’s a little bit more laid back, a little more casual.”

Got all that? Sound like a lot? 

“I’m ADD,” McCoy says. “I need this.”