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Our favorite reader response this week comes after food editor Laura Hayesdevastating piece last week about restaurants behaving badly on social media. In it, she reports that Chef Kwame Onwuachi of Top Chef fame and the forthcoming restaurant The Shaw Bijou posted a photo on Instagram last month of a couple doing caviar “bumps” off their fists—“the identical choreography for doing a line of cocaine,” Hayes wrote. The chef noted in his post, “There are no bad bumps, but this one is amazing.” That prompted commenter NorthEazy to respond, “Hahaha, Kwame Onwuachi is the Donald Trump of the DC food scene. When the police give you a hard time, double down!” And on Twitter, Capitol Hill Books (@chbooksdc) playfully wrote, “Can’t wait for our first twitter scandal.”

In response to Sarah Anne Hughesreport about impending cuts to an aid program that helps needy families and their children, reader Fourcrew4413 wrote, “This article is designed to make Bowser look as if she cares. Im in this crap because I need it. The abuse of the staff is a major blow to a family that is already in trouble. DHS, DC Shelter and more DONT CARE about or forgot why thes signed up to help people! I have been kicked around because Im not violent but I do speak up. The whole Homeless Prevention gig is a head count to continue lining the pockets of these fraudsters!”

Raymond Embry IV (@rembry) seconded Amanda Kolson Hurleys point that the Air and Space Museum should consider building anew rather than spending $1 billion on renovation. “It would be marvelous to see a new structure build from scratch,” he wrote.

Finally, Darsal has some helpful advice for the dude who wrote Gear Prudence last week complaining about how his wife wants him to check in when he takes long bike rides. “If the ride is too intense to whip off a text now and then, there are apps that can help. After a little setup, Glympse will text or email (or Tweet or Facebook) a link to a temporary live track. It’s limited to 3 hours though.”

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