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In response to Zach Rausnitz’s reporting on the sale of The Washington Home site to Sidwell Friends School, one helpful reader, DC Resident, suggested (mansplained?) that perhaps the fault lies with those who placed their elder family members into a nursing home to begin with. After he/she sanctimoniously described paying for daily nursing visits for a parent, DC Resident doubled down: “today, people … can spend 10 years at home with increased nursing visits, physical and occupational therapy visits, and be surrounded by family and friends who really care for them. This home is a relic of a different medical era, like an iron lung or polio wing…. As someone who upended their life to take care of their parents in their final days, I really have to ask why none of the children interviewed in the article admit to themselves that they could do this too. The City Paper did a real disservice by not interviewing adult children who chose NOT to put their parents in full time nursing homes. Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.” DC Resident, you sound undeniably like an complete asshole with no regard for the various circumstances and limitations others might face.

A reader with the username Mary Mason was far more eloquent in her response than we are: “I, as I’m not hiding my name, am one of those interviewed and one of those who had no choice…. I am very happy that you had the choice to move into your parents’ home. That choice in fact is not available to everyone, nor is it always appropriate…. My mother is full care. She has to have an attendent 24 hours a day because she can’t speak, walk, write, push a button, call for help, care for herself, has a feeding tube, and many other medical complications that preclude Home Care….” Please do yourself a favor and read Mary Mason’s full comment on the story, as it’s an illuminating view into the incredibly difficult decisions children must make for their parents toward the end of their lives.

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