Credit: Darrow Montgomery

This week, we’re shifting focus and responding to a couple of questions from our local non-growing community.

Dear Potanist: I’m 60 years old and haven’t smoked pot in many years, but now that it’s legal to smoke at home, I’d like to indulge. However, I’ve lost track of my “smoking” friends and don’t have any way to obtain seeds or pot. Luckily my health is good, so I don’t qualify for medical marijuana. —Can’t Rest in Northwest

Although it’s illegal to do so, many seed banks stealth ship to D.C. with guaranteed arrival. Just make sure you choose a bank that carries authentic breeder’s seeds. Buyer beware: There are many less reputable seed companies that concoct their own inferior strains and attach world-class strain names. To stay within the confines of D.C. law, seed shares are the way to go. They are free, local, and are regularly advertised. Keep abreast by joining D.C. marijuana medical, recreational, and edibles Facebook groups. Attend a seed share event. A seasoned grower (or current smoker!) will have extra seeds to gift as well as advice for your growing endeavors. Finally, procuring the medical marijuana card is easier than sweating in a steam room. If your doctor won’t help, find one who will. —The Potanist

How do I get my hands on weed lube in D.C.? I don’t have a friend in California (or in many places) I feel comfortable asking to mail me some. And I don’t plan to make any trips to Colorado, Washington, or Cali, the only places where products like Foria are legal, as I understand it. —Slippery when Wet

Ganja-enhanced body butters, lubes, tinctures, and edibles are all available and legal in the District, as long as they are homemade and shared—not sold. There are many locals who pride themselves on diversity and quality of their apothecaries. —TP

None of my friends smoke weed so I’m always smoking alone. Is there any hope of cannabis social clubs, like they have in Europe, opening up in the District? —The Loner Stoner

A friend with weed is a friend, indeed. Sadly, there’s no way to predict when Congress will back off and allow “weed, the people” to gather, blaze, and be merry. We can only hope that lawmakers will recognize the benefits of legal cannabis and take action to correct draconian laws that prohibit public access to this fantastic natural resource. —TP

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