Photo courtesy of 2 Birds 1 Stone
Photo courtesy of 2 Birds 1 Stone

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Frosé has skyrocketed to song-of-the-summer status. You play/drink it again, and again, without growing tired of its sugary satisfaction. Maybe you even plan your week around when you can sip it.

That goes double if we’re talking about 2 Birds 1 Stone’s take on frozen rosé, which is more about vermouth than it is about wine. Bar Director Adam Bernbach‘s version addictively combines locally produced Capitoline Rosé vermouth, Massaya rosé wine, raspberry syrup, lemon juice, and Branca Menta.

2 Birds 1 Stone has been serving it on Tuesdays from 6-8 p.m. as a part of their “frappé hour” summer promotion, an attempt to pull District denizens out of sunny beer gardens and into a subterranean bar.

“Tuesdays have been bananas, and then every other day of the week it’s been like, ‘Are you doing frosé? Can I get frosé here?’” Bernbach says. “It’s like a drug.”

The people have spoken and Bernbach’s answer is “Fuck It Frosé Week,” which kicks off Monday with the bar’s three-year anniversary.

Typically closed on Mondays, 2 Birds 1 Stone will swing the doors open serving frappes from 7 p.m. to midnight including frosé, piña coladas, and frozen Aperol spritzes. Frosé, typically priced at $9, will be on offer for $6. Fuck It Frosé Week continues Tuesday through Saturday when the bar will serve $9 frosé daily from 6-8 p.m.

Bernbach’s not just hitching a ride on the frosé bandwagon. He says he came upon the frosé craze in an organic fashion—by creating a cocktail for Capitoline’s one year anniversary bash. Still, Bernbach’s surprised that 2016 has become the summer of frosé.

“Certain things come into the zeitgeist that you don’t anticipate,” he says.

The last time he was this surprised by a drink’s success was when Estadio launched with slushitos that remain on the menu to this day. Hear that bars? Throw it in a blender to see dolla’ dolla’ bills. 

2 Birds 1 Stone, 1800 14th St. NW,