Photo by Tim Ebner
Photo by Tim Ebner

Introducing Hangover Helper, a recurring feature about foods that can help when you’re feeling your worst.

The Dish: The Breakfast Bomb

Where to Get It: Buttercream Bakeshop, 1250 9th St. NW 

Price: $4.50

What It Is: Think of this as the “all-inclusive breakfast sandwich,” says Colleen Gillespie, general manager at Buttercream Bakeshop. Gillespie and chef/owner Tiffany MacIsaac churn out several batches of breakfast bombs each day for the hungry (and hungover) masses. That’s because the savory ingredients are tucked inside soft, easy-to-chew milk bread. One cut into this pastry, and you can immediately see the three layers of melted cheddar cheese, scrambled eggs, and breakfast sausage.

How it Tastes: The pastry tastes almost like a flaky, buttery croissant with a gooey core of sausage, egg, and cheese. For the truly hungover, it’s best to pair the breakfast bomb with a large cup of Compass Coffee, served in house.

Why It Helps: The breakfast bomb is the cure for the weekday hangover—like when an office happy hour turns into a liquid dinner, and then suddenly it’s 11 p.m. and you’re eyeing that cute coworker in the corner. Fear not because this outside-in breakfast sandwich is here to help. It’s affordable and ready to eat in three minutes or less, Gillespie says. It’s also portable and it comes in a variety of flavors—recently they had a spicy breakfast bomb with pepper jack cheese, jalapeño, and spicy sausage, as well as a ham, egg, and cheese version. “That one kind of tasted like a hot pocket,” Gillespie says of the latter. “No matter which one you choose, it’s sure to destroy a hangover. After all, it’s called a breakfast bomb.”