City Paper’s online readers have already shared in our delight at the recent letter writer who took to calligraphy to express outrage at writer Warren Rojascharacterization of Yuengling as “shitty beer.” But we had to share it with readers of the dead-tree version too. Penning his feelings from a seat by the beer tap at Capitol Hill’s Mr. Henry’s restaurant, Edward C. Moore alleges that we libeled a “reasonably priced” lager in favor of trendier beers. “Dear Madam,” he wrote via snail mail, “As I possess a vulgar tongue, I do not favor the qualities City Paper writers seek in beers: pretense, obscurity, expense, and trendiness. My taste, therefore, may be flawed. I am so as John pulls another $4 Yuengling for me, yours faithfully.” And we yours, Edward.

Meanwhile, the absence of Savage Love in last week’s print edition inspired at least one reader panic attack. Tad Daley (@TheTadDaley) tweeted, “BAD: @wcp canceling @fakedansavage. WORSE: It’s missing but @wcp doesn’t even tell its #readers why!” I took to tweetspace to explain that we will sometimes hold Savage in print for local content—but that he can always find it online. To which the inimitable Dan Savage himself responded (with double-entendre aplomb), “Hold me, Liz! (Papers are tight these days & I support making me online-only when local/breaking demands it!)”

Laura Hayescolumn last week about enduring Dupont Circle restaurants (Bistro Du Coin et al) being overlooked by diners seeking sexier fare inspired copious online chatter. “AdMo and DuPont got lazy a long time ago. Shopworn,” Ann McNulty wrote on Facebook. “Great piece! I lived in Dupont for 10 years before moving to Bethesda, and now Old Town. I miss it,” Diana Zeitzer Stinger wrote.

Finally, the knives are out for Metro GM Paul Wiedefeld, whose plans to shelve late-night service were the subject of last week’s District Line. Marcus L. Murchison commented on Facebook, “Because Paul Wiedefeld is not the person for the job to lead Metro, they should have left this washed up Maryland Politico where he was at.” Ouch.

Department of Corrections: A story last week incorrectly stated which side of the Pentagon the National 9/11 Pentagon Memorial is situated. It’s on the southwest side.