Illustration by Jandos Rothstein
Illustration by Jandos Rothstein

Thor and Leah Cheston, the husband and wife duo behind Right Proper Brewing Company in Shaw, share their opposing views on brews.

What style of beer do you gravitate towards?

Thor: “I like well-made, simple, fresh ‘beer-flavored’ beer—clean simple pale ales with a pronounced hop character.”

Leah: “Basically anything that’s not hop-forward. I enjoy unfiltered texture, complex flavor profiles, sweet and sour, or dark and toasty, and the funkier the better.”

Do you have a favorite beer?

Thor: “Raised by Wolves, our aromatic pale ale, is exactly what I like in a beer, and it’s always super duper fresh.”

Leah: “Baron Corvo, a rustic biere de garde, which takes on red-wine like characteristics of dried fruit and spice; it’s very complex and balanced.”

What’s the best part about working together?

Thor: “We often collaborate on projects and brand promotion. She is super smart and much better at this stuff than I am. She makes me work harder.”

Leah: “Our strengths complement each other—he’s the vision and I’m the details. We’re constantly working towards the same goal.”

Any challenges about being married co-workers?

Thor: “Just like any other job, you can expect to get frustrated with your coworkers at times. Oh, and my wife does not like it when I try to make out with her while at work.”

Leah: “Turning it off! It’s hard not to bring work home. Walking the dogs often turns into work meetings.”

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