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Perhaps it was inevitable. City Paper’s cover package advancing this week’s opening of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture inspired some insipid commentary from the cheap seats. To wit, michael_spielvogle wrote: “In all fairness, equality being what it is, will the Smithsonian now rename the National Museum of American History the National Museum of White American History? I think not. Of course that would be RACIST.” Not to mention inaccurate.

Others were at least focused on aesthetics, not content, about which reasonable people can disagree. “GEEZ, get some balls and write about what NO ONE WANTS TO NOTICE,” Look Sharp wrote. “This is BY FAR the ugliest, most view obstructing building ever! It sits at a beautiful corner, and should grace the mall, instead it just blocks out the entire view of the Washington Monument. And it’s horrible to look at. David Adjaye is like the emperor with no clothes. The building is a disaster and no one wants to say so.” Adjaye, for readers not following, is one of the building’s architects.

The palaver was more appreciative of Matt Cohen’s piece about Bernie Demczuk, the official historian at Ben’s Chili Bowl and a teacher of African-American history. “Great story on our friend Bernie Demczuk, @benschilibowl historian & professional chili dog eater,” Eric Mittenthal (@MeatVP) wrote on Twitter. “This is how I first learned about DC History, circa 2000,” Kate Mereand-Sinha (@katmeresin) responded.

One reader weighed in on a dope dilemma the Potanist fielded last week from a Georgetown student whose boyfriend wants her to give up the maryjane. When the Potanist advised not to go changing, and to ditch the dude instead, Sticky seemed to agree. “Unlike Potanist, I’m an expert in cannabis and failed relationships regarding cannabis. If it’s an issue it will always be an issue.”

Finally, there was the virtual homage to the beloved downtown dive Post Pub, which was featured in last week’s issue ahead of its 40th anniversary. “A wonderful pub that feels like days gone by,” birdinhand wrote. “You will be thinking you have to come back before you even leave.” Cheers.

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