Check You Out

Do you reminisce about card catalogues? A library date stamper is a vintage-inspired way for you to keep track of the date. Library date stamper, $16. Analog. 716 Monroe St. NE. Studio #5.

A Stitch in Time

Put down your iPhone and start checking your necklace when someone asks for the time. Clock pendant necklace, $23. Gossip on 23rd. 570 23rd St. S. Arlington. (703) 920-1498.

Time Will Tell

Move the hands of the clock to teach time with a book inspired by Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. What Time is it, Daniel Tiger? Adapted by Maggie Testa, $10.99. Hooray for Books! 1555 King St. Alexandria. (703) 548-4092.

Write on Time

Use this 17-month calendar to keep your entire life on track (starting this week). 2017 Rifle Paper Co. planner, $40 (additional 30% off on sale). Curated. 107 N Fairfax St. Alexandria. (703) 566-0177.

Constellation Prize

Let the equinox turn your vision starward. This notebook will help you track heavenly bodies. Antiquaria notebook, $15. Salt & Sundry. 1309 5th St. NE. (202) 556-1866.