Crafty Bastards is Saturday, Oct. 1 and Sunday, Oct. 2.

The District Sleeps Alone Tonight 

It’s time to take down dorm room posters and put up actual art. Start with a hand-pulled silkscreen print that celebrates our city. The District at Night print, $30. Victory Dance Creative.

In Your Clutches

This handmade clutch is screenprinted on both sides and lined for extra stability. Slim clutch, $58. Printed Wild.

You’re All My Little Monsters 

Each monster from this collection is a one-of-a-kind creation made from recycled clothing. Little Monster, $59. Cotton Monster.

Ace in the Hole 

Pick a modern piece of jewelry that features raw wood, ceramic, and palmwood beads. Ace-Metrical necklace, $82. Kicheko Goods.

Got Moves Like Badger

Forgo dainty shaving products and get a silvertip badger hair brush that has such gravitas you say, “hell yeah” when you pick it up. Shaving brush, $99. Hellrazor for Men.