Last nights counterfeit bill courtesy of Andrew Markert.s counterfeit bill courtesy of Andrew Markert.

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If you go into Beuchert’s Saloon on Capitol Hill and purchase a Shirley Temple and an order of roasted bone marrow with pickled pistachios, parsley salad, and pickled mustard seeds to go with a fake $100 bill, you will get caught.

The restaurant’s executive chef Andrew Markert describes how it all went down last night during the busy 8 p.m. dinner hour. “He ordered, bounced for a minute, and then came back,” he says. “Yeah, we caught them, kept the bill, and asked them to leave.”

A bartender at the restaurant grabbed the C-note and questioned it, alerting the manager. While the patrons were still in the restaurant, they walked down the street to J J Mutts Wine & Spirits to utilize the marker the liquor store uses to detect counterfeit cash. “The lady grabbed the bill and was like, ‘Oh this is fake.’”

Markert says it’s the first time it has happened in his memory, but he took to Facebook to warn his chef friends: “Heads up friends funny money rolling around caught it before it was spent. #funnymoney #cantspendthathere #bonemarrowtogo.” 

Leave it to a patron willing to swindle a restaurant over a $20.90 check to think it’s also okay to bring home bone marrow. You have to eat that right away. 

Beuchert’s Saloon, 623 Pennsylvania Ave. SE; (202) 733-1384;