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There was no hate mail in the inbox this week. We could have gone for another bit of righteously indignant calligraphy via snail mail, but it was all approbation. Last week’s image retrospective in honor of staff photographer Darrow Montgomery’s 30th anniversary at City Paper was, in the vernacular of our national pastime, a grand slam. “Congratulations on 30 years of stunning photos of life in D.C. Striking photos,” McGraw (@ChrisMcGrawDC)wrote on Twitter. “We’re much more than marble and monuments. We’re a city of people and places; the sum of vice and victory,” wrote Markus E. Batchelor (@MarkusBatchelor). Perhaps our favorite response came from noodlez, whose all-caps tribute (which we are lowercasing here) was endearing (if tragically flawed grammatically): “The crown jewel of Washington City Paper! Art is like music it calms the savage beast. Darrows vision through his view finder is pure art and has always been a calming presence to me especially when Im ranting and opposing some lame submission by of one of those Loose Lippers Great work brother Hope you continue doing what you love.” There was former CP writer Michael Dolan, who has seen our shooter in action: “In 10 years & 250ish CP assignments, my faves were the ones Darrow shot, starting with his first CP gig, that 1986 cat show & including a memorable afternoon at Quantico during which Darrow calmly chronicled the melee as a U.S. Marine working dog savaged my fortunately well-padded arm. Godspeed you, Emperor of Lenses!” Finally, fan Joe Martin seemed to hope Darrow has dental insurance, among other things: “Darrow Montgomery is a creative genius,” he commented. “How fortunate to see his work on a regular basis. Applause to the City Paper for keeping him on the payroll, presumably with all the benefits one should get.”

In response to last week’s troubling piece about the principal at Malcolm X Elementary School threatening retribution for teachers who speak out against inequity, DC Resident wrote, “This principal is the same kind of idiot who sees their management style fail the students year after year and then go ahead and blame the students’ failure on lack of parent involvement! MUST BE FIRED.”