Khao soi photo by Laura Hayes
Khao soi photo by Laura Hayes

Diners won’t be able to score po’ boys at Tchoup’s Market Mondays through Thursdays anymore. The Park View dining room, whose theme song should be David Bowie’s “Changes,” is reinventing itself yet again.

Chef Alex McCoy is launching a new noodle pop-up in the Tchoup’s Market space called Khao Soi Nok Noi starting Wednesday, Nov. 2 and then every Thursday for the next few months. He’ll serve five styles of noodle soup, including the namesake dish khao soi (a beef or chicken coconut curry soup with house-made noodles).

The noodle bowls are reminiscent of a few of the dishes that were on the Alfie’s menu. McCoy replaced Alfie’s with Tchoup’s Market back in July.

No reservations are required to attend the Khao Soi Nok Noi pop-up and noodle bowls cost $12-$14. A selection of Thai beer will be available for $6 each. (Menu below.)

Tchoup’s Market will continue to operate as normal Fridays through Sundays (5 p.m. to 2 a.m.), and the Tchoup’s Market space will be available for special dinners and pop-ups Mondays through Wednesdays. 

Tchoup’s Market/Khao Soi Nok Noi, 3301 Georgia Ave. NW,