Photo by Rina Rapuano
Photo by Rina Rapuano

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The Drink: It’s Foie-Nominal Cocktail with foie gras-infused Woodford Reserve, lemon, and port soaked fig

Where to Get It: BLT Steak, 1625 I St. NW, (202) 689-8999,

Price: $16

What It Is: A cocktail that arrives with two distinct layers—a golden base of foie gras-infused bourbon blended with a fig syrup made with cinnamon and cloves and a Merlot float topper garnished with a port-soaked fig.

What It Tastes Like: Beverage director James Nelson, who created the drink, recommends using the straw to sip from the bottom before mixing the wine float into the concoction. Surprisingly enough, the bottom layer could stand on its own without ever incorporating the wine. The bourbon gains a slight creaminess and silkiness from the foie, and the spiced fig syrup is a natural pairing for the Kentucky spirit. Stirring in the wine adds brightness while maintaining balance, and the final result tastes like a chilled hot toddy. 

The Story: Nelson likes to take a culinary approach to cocktails, working with the kitchen and consulting his copy of the book, The Flavor Bible, to find complementary ingredients. Inspired by how well his A-5 Wagyu-infused cocktail went over last year, he knew he wanted to work with another unique protein and settled on foie gras. The infusion is made by rendering the fat from the liver, adding it to the bourbon, sealing it in a bag, and using a sous-vide water bath set just below the boiling point of alcohol for six hours. Then it’s into the freezer to separate the fat, which is filtered out by passing the liquid through a cheesecloth.