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Maybe it was our cover last week, in which art director Stephanie Rudig adroitly captured the mood of the District with a stunning illustration of Lincoln flipping the bird to the president-elect. (There was lots of praise for that one—and we thank you—but victory laps are much less fun than shining a light on the discontented.) Or more likely, it was Donald Trump’s seemingly improbable election upset. Whatever the cause, the comments on City Paper stories about everything from housing and food to art and politics took on a tone of liberated hostility. In response to a piece about long-forgotten D.C. Cold War fallout shelters, which we noted could come in handy given Trump’s support for nuclear proliferation, Northeazy wrote, “Shameful. Hillary Clinton has voted for or got the US involved in more wars than Trump has denounced. Here is a list in case you Libs forgot … places Hillary has bombed: Iraq Afghanistan Pakistan Yemen Somalia.” Northeazy wasn’t finished, even finding fault with our roundup of local dining spots where lunch can be had for under $5: “If you cannot afford more than $5 for a decent lunch, then you should pack your own.” Not a fiscal conservative, apparently.

Even an online piece about affordable housing in Southeast managed to poke the bear. “More idiocy by DC Dumocrats—bleeding hearts overcoming common sense brains,” Typical DC BS wrote. “Sorry, there IS NO RIGHT TO LIVE WHERE YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO LIVE. PERIOD.”

Then there’s our online Pizza Gate piece, about alt-right conspiracy theorists claiming that pizza joint Comet Ping Pong is a pedophiliac sex ring. “There is no way you can spin this,” wrote Derek Bramwell. “America is awake to the Luciferian cabal that has run this country for so long. The rest of the world is waking up too. At an exponential rate each year.”

Writers, there are still two weeks left to submit your work for our annual Fiction Issue, which will be published Jan. 5. We’re looking for stellar, unpublished short fiction from local writers—about the District—and we’re awarding a $500 prize for the winning entry. The stories will be juried by local award-winning author Mary Kay Zuravleff. We will publish the top three—possibly more—and invite the writers to read at an event Jan. 8 being hosted by Kramerbooks. Please send submissions of no longer than 1,000 words, along with a short bio, to editor@washingtoncitypaper.com by Dec. 1, and include “Fiction Issue” in the subject line. Stories will be sent to our judge, absent any identifying information about the writer.