Game the System 

Worried that your cousin will start to talk politics at the Thanksgiving table? Pick up this game as a way to steer the conversation—at least for one meal. 100 Questions, $18. Cherry Blossom Creative. 2128 8th St. NW. (202) 319-2979

Pumpkin Head 

Takoma resident Nana Fran is 100-years-old and hand-knits these caps for your little pumpkin. Nana Fran hand knit hat, $32. Full of Beans. 3813 Livingston St. NW. (202) 362-8566

I Came in like a Butterball 

As you plan your menu, remember Herbes de Provence can be used with fish, meat, and vegetables. Herbes de Provence, $18. Le Village Marché. 3318 Wisconsin Ave. NW. (202) 362-4444

All About that Baste 

A festive napkin is a practical and affordable way to decorate for the season. Martha’s turkey napkins, $6. Periwinkle. 3815 Livingston St. NW. (202) 364-3076

Gotta Hand it to You

All the attention goes to turkey, but fresh veggies are the unsung superstars of a Thanksgiving table. Wood Salad Hands, $20. Forecast. 218 7th St. SE. (202) 547-7337