All photos Laura Hayes
All photos Laura Hayes

Goats in sweaters. Narwhals wearing Santa hats and yarmulkes. “Stranger Things.” Find them all at this year’s Miracle on 7th Street Christmas cocktail pop-up, launching Friday night at 5 p.m. Unlike last year when the “Christmas Bar” was limited to Mockingbird Hill, this year all three of Derek Brown’s bars will participate. That means three themes, three times the irreverent decorations, and three times the nog-crazy customers.

Southern Efficiency’s theme couldn’t be more hipster even if it came with coconut LaCroix and fashion overalls. Enter what’s normally a sedate whiskey den and find walls covered in four-foot portraits of goats wearing Christmas sweaters. The goats are rescues who live at the Peaceful Fields Sanctuary in Winchester, Virginia.

“One is named Toby,” says Angie Salame, Brown’s business partner and the CEO of Drink Company. “He was the most charming. He has three legs.” According to the sanctuary, Toby enjoys long lap naps, apples, and head butting. His favorite thing about the holiday season is caroling. Print images of the goats will be sold to raise money for the sanctuary.

Not into goats? How about unicorn-like toothed whales called narwhals? They’re next door at Mockingbird Hill where the theme is “Christmas at Midnight in Iceland.” A mountain range serves as the backdrop for wall projections of the Aurora Borealis designed by New York artist Deborah Johnson. In the back of the bar, the “Hanukkah Hang Out” is back with a mirror menorah and blue and white decorations.

Finally, Eat The Rich tips its hat to the Netflix show, “Stranger Things.” Salame says she doesn’t want to give away too many secrets about the throwback science fiction theme because there are some Easter eggs to sort out. The back area of the bar looks like Christmas imploded, and is perfect for larger groups.

While the bars carry different themes (see more photos below), the food and drinks will be the same. This year’s cocktails ($13 each) include:

  • “Cornmeal, Gunpowder, Ham Hocks, & Guitar Strings” with bourbon, Don Ciccio & Figli Nocino, orange bitters, lemon, and maple soda.

  • “Buzz, Your Girlfriend, WOOF!” with gin, pine liqueur, rosemary grapefruit soda, and a Christmas tree.

  • “Show Angels, Ice Skating, Cookie Dough & Snuggles” with butter-washed vodka, Don Ciccio & Figli Coffee Liqueur, creme de cacao, cookie dough infused Frangelico, milk, salt, and cookie dough bits.

There will also be egg nog shots ($5) and rum ham shots ($6). The latter combines a Christmas rum blend, pineapple Bud Light syrup, and lime.

Pad your stomach with “Schweddy Balls” made out of smoked gouda and cranberry tomato sauce; a meatloaf sandwich with curry ketchup; and a Thanksgiving sandwich with turkey, oyster stuffing, cranberry sauce, and garlic sauce on an Amoroso roll.

Miracle on 7th Street will be open from Friday, Nov. 25 through New Years Eve and the hours are Sundays through Thursdays from 5 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. and Fridays and Saturdays from 5 p.m. to 1:30 a.m.

Mockingbird Hill Narwhal
The Mary Sue at Eat The Rich
Mockingbird Hill glass mosaic menorah

Mockingbird Hill, 1843 7th St. NW

Southern Efficiency, 1841 7th St. NW

Eat The Rich, 1839 7th St. NW