Photo of Hong Kong by Laura Hayes
Photo of Hong Kong by Laura Hayes

The Hong Kong-inspired restaurant opening in Blagden Alley in January will be called Tiger Fork, not Monkey King, as was initially reported in July.

It turns out the name was too similar to Monkey King Noodle Company based in Dallas, Texas. Owner Greg Algie didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes (errr claws?), so he decided to go in a different direction.

Algie also owns The Fainting Goat on U Street NW where Nathan Beauchamp is the executive chef. The pair went on a research and development trip to Hong Kong to prepare for the opening. Their favorite part of strolling through the bustling metropolis, both glittering and gritty, was encountering martial arts practices. On one walkabout, they saw an elderly man wielding a three-pronged weapon. Algie recognized the trident as a tiger fork since he was obsessed with Kung Fu movies growing up.

“We wanted to come up with a name that was not only uniquely ‘Hong Kong’ but that also melded the food culture with a deeply rooted traditional element of Hong Kong history,” Algie says. “From these morning walks, Tiger Fork, the name of our restaurant, was born.”

Tiger Fork will occupy the space that once held Rogue 24 at 922 N St. NW (rear) when it opens the first month of 2017. The food will include Hong Kong-style barbecue and dim sum, and the drinks will draw inspiration from traditional Chinese medicine.

You’d think it was the year of the tiger on the Chinese zodiac calendar. But it’s not (ironically, it’s the year of the monkey). That’s because Tiger Fork is not the only coming-soon D.C. restaurant with tiger in its name. Ten Tigers Parlour is taking over the former Chez Billy space in Petworth where Chef Tim Ma of Kyirisan is consulting on the menu that features Chinese and Southeast Asian food.