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Readers have expressed gratitude over the last week for our reporting on what’s happening in and around D.C. restaurants. In response to Will Sommer’s piece about two local attorneys representing back-of-the-house restaurant staff whose wages are being shortchanged, City Paper commenter Typical DC BS wrote, “Good for these guys!!!! Ripping off your employees is scummy.” That pretty much sums up the collective social media response.

And after City Paper food editor Laura Hayes flayed soon-to-be D.C. restaurateur Alessandro Borgognone for calling D.C. a “meat-and-potatoes” town and asserting he has no competition in the sushi market, @wheresmycoffee tweeted, “[T]hat just melted my mind a bit.” Buzzfeed’s D.C. bureau chief John Stanton raised that sentiment when he tweeted, “Hey Alessandro Borgognone, DC has a giant bag of dicks you can eat, sashimi style. Ya carpet baggin bama.” Reader @andrewnazdin added, “Excited to never go to @SushiNakazawa’s new location in @TrumpDC!” 

Yes, that’s right. The offending sushi restaurant will be located inside Trump’s D.C. hotel, which was its own distinct topic of conversation last week as news broke that Trump’s election victory actually violates the hotel’s lease agreement. City Paper’s architecture and urbanism critic Amanda Kolson Hurley wrote an analysis of Trump’s efforts to block protesters exercising their freedom of speech and the grand tradition of autocrats (think Mussolini and Hitler) who manipulate public space to enhance their power. “Great article!” commenter Bigger Thomas wrote. “Required reading for DC urbanists,” @drvarg01 tweeted.

Finally, a story we broke about conspiracy theorists who believe that D.C. pizzeria Comet Ping Pong is the center of a Hillary Clinton-sponsored child pornography ring made international headlines this week when a North Carolina man drove to D.C. and fired at least one shot inside the restaurant as part of a harebrained plan to “self-investigate.” News outlets globally rushed to cover both the Comet story and the terrifying consequences of fake news. Even The New Yorker gave CP a hat tip.