Tim Ebner
Tim Ebner

The Dish: The New Yorker

Where to Get It: Smoked & Stacked, 1239 9th St. NW

Price: $8

What It Is: All those other breakfast sandwiches…Fuggedaboutit! Marjorie Meek-Bradley, of Top Chef fame, recently opened a sandwich shop in Shaw, and her signature breakfast sandwich—The New Yorker—comes topped with mouth-watering piles of pastrami. Think of this sandwich as the hangover helper…nay…slayer because it comes topped with a fried egg, melted cheese, and hot pepper jelly, for some added zip. “I like hot sauce and ketchup on my breakfast sandwiches, so this pepper jelly is kind of like the best of both worlds,” Meek-Bradley says. “You have a little bit of sweet and sour, and some spicy.” 

How it Tastes: The bun is pillowy soft milk bread, making the sandwich easy to chew. The bun also soaks up all the melted cheese, runny egg yolk, and hot pepper jam, which oozes a bit from the side. But the real reason to sink your teeth into this sandwich is the hot pastrami. Meek-Bradley serves a generous heap of the caraway-spiced meat that hits the spot between peppery and smokey bliss. It’s better than any bacon-egg-and-cheese combo. 

Why It Helps: If you were a hot mess last night, this sandwich is the hot mess that you’ll need in the morning. Meek-Bradley suggests pairing her breakfast sandwich with a cold-brew coffee or maybe some hair of the dog. Smoked & Stacked offers mimosas, Prosecco on tap, and Tecate, which Meek-Bradley calls “light and poundable.”