Laura Hayes
Laura Hayes

The Dupont Circle deli Bub & Pop’s has received calls meant for the White House since it opened because there’s just one digit difference between the phone number for the sandwich shop (202-457-1111) and the president’s official residence (202-456-1111). But things escalated today when someone tweeted the wrong phone number for President Donald Trump‘s new headquarters. Though co-owner Arlene Wagner strongly believes it was an accident, the timing couldn’t possibly be worse given the tense political climate since inauguration weekend.

Employee Ebony Fox, who answers most of the calls, estimates that the shop has received at least 50 calls. Co-owner and Chef Jonathan Taub has also answered his fair share of misdirected calls today.

“Literally I answer line one and say, ‘This isn’t the White House,’ and by the time I hang up, line two is already ringing,” Taub says. He asks callers if they want to order pick-up and they’re immediately confused. “Everyone has been pissed because they wanted to scream at Trump.” Taub says one went on and on about a policy she didn’t like.

Fox, who’s a little more brazen, asked one caller who he supported in the election. “What does it matter?” he responded. “It matters,” she said.

Wagner, ever the kind-hearted diplomat, says she fielded a call from someone in California and gave him with the correct number for the White House. “He was really nice and thanked me and I said, ‘If you’re ever in D.C., come eat here, Google us, you’ll like it.’”

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