Credit: Darrow Montgomery

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Though just 4 percent of District voters supported Donald Trump in November, his people made an outsized contribution during “The Inaugural #Trump420,” last Friday’s Dupont Circle demonstration notable for being the most cohesive and most peaceful political statement of the day.

“A number of the Trump supporters who were taking a victory lap on Inauguration Day, they also grow weed,” says Adam Eidinger, a liberal activist and co-founder of the local cannabis advocacy organization DCMJ, which organized the protest. “I would say that a third of the marijuana donated came from Trump supporters.”

It was clear from the beginning of the event’s planning that it would be a bipartisan affair meant to urge the new administration not to mess with the kind of marijuana legalization laws like the one in D.C., but the degree to which Team Trump jumped in to pull off the gargantuan giveaway—helping to exceed the initial goal of distributing 4,200 jays—seems like something of a political head fake. Who knew?

“People in the cannabis industry only know one color, and that’s green,” says William Angolia, founder of the local nonprofit DC Cannabis Co-op Club and a Trump supporter who donated joints to the effort. “We’re a cumulative group of people here in the D.C. cannabis scene. It was that and a lot of volunteers and a lot of growers who provided product for it.”

Josh G., whom Eidinger characterizes as “a righteous donor,”estimates that he and a friend donated about 1,000 joints to the day’s giveaway—most of it grown from a third-story roof in Adams Morgan, where they nurtured six 12-foot marijuana plants. “I’m a registered Republican, but I’m more of a libertarian,” says the Virginia plumber. “You’ve probably heard the joke that libertarians are pot-smoking Republicans. …But I don’t like hanging out with Republicans because they’re boring.”

He says the November election amounted to what Julian Assange described, choosing between “cholera and gonorrhea.” 

“Trump puts his foot in his mouth a lot, and I’m worried that he’s not going to do a good job,” Josh continues. “But bottom line is, yes, I am a Trump supporter.”