Alexa Epitropoulos
Alexa Epitropoulos

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The dish: Spicy pork intestines

Where to Get It: Bob’s Shanghai 66; 305 N. Washington St. Rockville; (301)-251-6652

Price: $10.95 per plate, cash only

What it is: Pork intestines chopped into bite-sized portions, seasoned with chili oil, and fried into pockets of spicy goodness. Those who want to be more adventurous can also try the intestines served with duck blood.

What it tastes like: While I was expecting long, cartoonish tendrils on a plate, the intestines actually impersonated pork belly. The texture is similar to bacon, and the seasoning is a multi-layered experience. Diced chilies, chili oil, cloves, and garlic are prominent flavors, and garlic is the flavor that lingers the longest. If you enjoy bacon or pork belly, you’ll be able to stomach this dish. You might even like it.

The Story: Spicy pork intestines prepared in chili oil is a common street food in China and other East Asian countries. Another dish, braised pork intestines in brown sauce, is also a popular dish in the coastal provinces of China. Although Bob Shanghai 66’s take on the dish is tempered for American tastes, pork intestines have a long history in Chinese cuisine, as do dishes that feature less utilized parts of a pig, including lungs, brains, and blood.