Map by Jandos Rothstein
Map by Jandos Rothstein

Shaw is loaded with great drinking destinations, and there’s no reason to leave the fate of your evening to mere chance. Instead, we set out on a Shaw bar crawl where the only rule was to ask each bartender where to head next. This six-stop itinerary was the result, and it’s sure to charm anyone looking for an evening of drink exploration in the neighborhood.

1  La Jambe 

1550 7th St. NW

La Jambe has quickly endeared itself as a neighborhood favorite thanks in large part to the welcoming, communal vibes put forth by Anastasia Mori and Dave Bloom, the married team behind the bar. It’s a perfect jumping-off point. Start easy with a glass of Côtes du Rhône.

Where to next? “It’s gotta be Ivy and Coney,” Bloom says, suggesting whatever is on tap from Bell’s Brewery because of his Michigan roots.

 2 Ivy and Coney 

1537 7th St. NW

Indeed, Ivy and Coney pours Bell’s Winter White Ale on draft right across the street.

Where to next? Adam Fry, one of the joint’s co-owners, says he likes All Souls and The Dabney, but he settles on The Passenger. “After my shift, I would go to The Passenger and drink any number of gin drinks,” Fry says. “Or a Schlitz and shot of Old Overholt, depending on how long my day was.”

 3 The Passenger 

1539 7th St. NW

The Passenger is one door over, and, with the night still young, a gin cocktail seems more appropriate than a shot and beer. On a Horrible Bosses themed chalkboard menu is the “Les Grossman,” with gin, Cocchi Rosa, and green Chartreuse. 

Where to next? Bartender George Hausmann first suggests La Jambe, which is overruled to avoid repeats. He then sets his sights on Chaplin’s. “They have a really great cocktail program,” Hausmann says.

 4 Chaplin’s Restaurant

1501 9th St. NW

Two blocks away, head bartender Jake Simpson suggests his “A Woman of Paris” cocktail, an Old Fashioned riff with an absinthe rinse. 

Where to next? “Espita is the perfect place to go,” Simpson says. “Their mezcal Pimm’s Cup is ideal for this time of day.”

 5 Espita Mezcaleria 

1250 9th St. NW

That Pimm’s Cup is actually the zesty and refreshing ginger and cucumber draft high ball. 

Where to next? “Usually after work I go to Lost & Found. I love the sour beer there,” says beverage director Megan Barnes. “For a cocktail, Columbia Room.” Head bartender James Simpson also weighs in. “I would go to The Dabney,” he says. “I would go to Lost & Found first.”

 6 Lost & Found DC 

1240 9th St. NW

OK then, cap things off with a shorty of Wicked Weed Brewing’s Oblivion Sour Red (8.7 percent ABV) at this low-key bar known for its beer list. Ask for it with a shot of Old Overholt. After steering clear of a Boilermaker at The Passenger a few hours before, the bar crawl has fittingly come full circle.