Alta Strada
Alta Strada

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Where to Get It:Weekend brunch at Alta Strada, 465 K St. NW; 202-629-4662;  


What It Is:Exactly how it sounds—a gigantic everything bagel in pizza form. The dough of the wood-fired pie is egg washed, which allows the poppy seeds, caraway seeds, sesame seeds, and salt to adhere to the crust. It’s topped with Ivy City Smokehouse smoked salmon, cherry tomatoes, capers, red onions, and mascarpone. “The mascarpone is less overpowering, and it adds just a layer of sweetness to the pizza,” says sous chef Sarah Ravitz. “Since this is thinner than a bagel, you don’t need an overwhelming amount of cream cheese.” 

How it Tastes:You will kvell, and maybe even cry, over this dish. The everything bagel seed dough, combined with the soft mascarpone and fresh smoked salmon, gives New York delis a run for their money. Alta Strada’s pizza rendition of the classic combination of flavors improves on the original by being thinner and boasting more toppings. 

Why It Helps:Whether you’re suffering from a category one or category four hangover, put down the sad and soggy leftover pizza that’s been congealing inside your fridge for the past 12 hours and go to Alta Strada instead. The everything bagel pizza is the true conqueror of hangovers. It’s already winning the popular vote. “If you think about it, it’s the ultimate hangover cure too. You get your cheeses, your starches, and some fresh ingredients to help bring you back to life,” Ravitz says.