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The Dish: Duck Muffin at Hazel

Where to Get It: Sunday brunch menu at Hazel, 808 V St. NW

Price: $10

What It Is: Late last year, Hazel Chef Rob Rubba rolled out a “Dim Sunday” brunch menu, featuring several dim-sum-like dishes with quirky twists. One of the early favorites is the duck muffin—a savory breakfast sandwich that comes topped with a duck patty, baked egg, and spicy mayo spiked with the restaurant’s house-made hot sauce called Fire Panda.

How it Tastes: There’s a sweet and spicy burst of flavor in each bite, and the sandwich oozes Fire Panda. Luckily, there’s a baked egg and English muffin toast to soak up all the juice. Biting into a Duck Muffin might remind you of something you could order at the drive-thru window at McDonald’s, but don’t be fooled: This sandwich is above and beyond anything that the Golden Arches could ever offer. The duck meat is succulent and rich with spices, and the baked egg is airy and pillowy soft.

Why It Helps: Order this breakfast sandwich the next time you’ve got a serious case of the spins. The duck muffin is enough to TKO even the worst weekend hangover. Rubba created the sandwich shortly after the restaurant first opened. It was his cure for a long night working the cook line. Each Sunday, he’s back in the kitchen, but this time it’s to heal your hangover. “The duck sausage itself has Szechuan and gochugaru [red chili flakes] spices in it, so that wakes you up,” Rubba says. “And a rich baked egg and English muffin have all those nooks and crannies to soak up the night’s libations.”