Remember when we told you about the summer camp-themed bar coming to the area near Union Market? It promised nostalgic, kid-friendly fare that could whisk you back to your summer camp’s dining hall like sloppy joe’s, hot dogs, mac and cheese, and ice cream sandwiches. Plus lots of booze.

Two months after the project was announced, EDENSthe real estate developer that had its hooks in the space—pulled a giveth and taketh away. They shut down the idea telling City Paper only that, “It just didn’t really work out.”

Well it’s back, baby. Restauranteur Ian Hilton says the camp-themed bar will be going into 2012-2014 9th St. NW just off U Street. Initially the bar with 63 indoor seats and 97 outdoor seats was going to feature New Jersey-style pizza and be called Garden State. “But pizza is so fricken boring, so we scrapped that,” Hilton says. “Plus we like that we’re sticking it to EDENS a bit.”

Things clicked for Hilton and his partners Eric Hilton and Joe Reza. Why not bring back the camp-themed bar, especially because so much of the new space will be outdoors? Rezais currently scouring the East Coast for campy decor. You’ve seen his design work at America Ice Co. and Chez Billy Sud, among other bars and restaurants.

While BBQ man Andrew Evans was originally slated to carry out the food program for the space near Union Market, Hilton says he will not be involved in this new iteration. 

There’s no name yet for the new bar that Hilton says, “won’t be your cliché beer garden.” But he’s taking suggestions. “Something with the word ‘lodge’ in it.” It’s too damn bad Camp Anawanna is already spoken for. Stay tuned for a projected opening date.

Photo by Flickr User webhamster