Photo courtesy Little Red Fox
Photo courtesy Little Red Fox

“It’s supposed to make you laugh,” says Little Red Fox co-owner Matt Carr.He’s talking about the name of his next venture, Fox Loves Taco, coming to Brookland late summer. “We’re trying to make this a playful, family-friendly place,” he continues. “We don’t take ourselves too seriously.”

When it opens, Fox Loves Taco will offer breakfast tacos all day and coffee from Portland roaster Coava Coffee. Details on the menu are sparse, but they’ll make flour and corn tortillas in house and you can expect plenty of Little Red Fox hot sauce to be on hand to spice things up. There will be options for the vegan crowd. Carr says they plan to make their own soy chorizo.

PoPville initially reported that Filter, the coffee shop that currently occupies the space, is closing due to insufficient business and that the team from Little Red Fox will take its place at 716 Monroe St. NE.

“We’re good friends with the manager at The Bike Rack, who clued us in that Filter was looking to leave,” Carr says. “We really love the Brookland neighborhood. It seemed like a good fit.”

The biggest hurdle will be to create the best possible kitchen in the 100 square-foot space that served as dry storage for the coffee shop. Carr is hoping to set up the tortilla station in plain sight of customers so they can watch them being made. 

This may just be the start for Carr and his wife and partner, Jena Carr. The duo that opened Little Red Fox cafe and market in 2013 have set their sights on further expansion. “We have a bigger idea in the works, but we’re still looking for perfect location for it,” Matt says. 

Fox Loves Taco, 716 Monroe St. NE