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Last week’s cover story about Attorney General Karl Racine and his potential mayoral challenge to Mayor Muriel Bowser next year inspired a raft of responses from both his champions and detractors.

“I would love it if he were to run, but I want only one heavy hitter in the primary against Bowser,” brodies wrote on reddit. “Though we got lucky in the last race with the election of people like Robert White against [Vincent] Orange, we have a long history of having two great candidates splitting the reform vote and letting the corrupt or incompetent incumbent skate through. I’d hate for Racine, a fine candidate and likely a fine mayor, to split the vote with another qualified challenger resulting in another Bowser term.”

To which dailyrorschach responded, “Especially if [Vince] Gray runs again, taking with him Wards 7 and 8, does Racine have a legitimate geographic base of support?”

Others view a Gray campaign repeat as a foregone conclusion. “Oh, trust me, Gray is running,” Horaenaut wrote. “He is already campaigning for mayor hard in Ward 7. He may as well be saying, ‘Well, I have all these great ideas, but, as a lowly council person I can’t control that much—but if I were mayor … .”

Still others commented that what Racine may lack in name recognition and a hardcore base of support, he could yet make up for. “Great article,” dude commented on our website. “He’d be an excellent mayor. Bowser is so entirely not up to the task and Gray still has too much mud on his face even if he escaped indictment. Once the WP endorses, there won’t be an issue with name recognition. Racine 2018!”

Meanwhile, add Racine to the lengthy list of people, places, and miscellany that frequent commenter Typical DC BS blindly loathes. “Bowser continues to be the least objectionable of our options for mayor. Racine? Please.”

Among those who offered a mixed assessment of the District’s first elected attorney general was aerie, who wrote that, despite concerns, “I would vote for Karl Racine without further debate because I sense in him a keen intelligence, a wider vision, and a beating heart absent from the Hatfields and the McCoys.”

Not that revenge won’t feature next year.