Normally Julian Valencia spends his time selling herbs and microgreens at D.C. farmers markets. But this is not a normal world we live in. Therefore, Valencia is shifting gears to sell boxes of sprouts with White House press secretary Sean Spicer hiding in them. Lest you forget last week, when Trump’s mouthpiece found solace in the shrubs.

You can choose between four types of spicey microgreens: arugula, two kinds of mustard greens, and radish greens. Each box—which look like something from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids—costs $5. You can also get three “Spiceys” for $10 using a special promo code found on the website or six “Spiceys” for $20.

Once you’ve picked your greens, don’t forget to designate which Spicey suits you: “Happy Spicey,” “Worried Spicey,” and “In The Bushes Spicey.”

Valencia is offering $5 delivery to anywhere in the District but asks customers to note that greens are delivered once they have sprouted, which takes about 10 days.

And while Valencia says he could use the cash, he’s donating 100 percent of profits from his “Sean Spicy Collection” to the ACLU. His stunt may or may not thrust NomLeaf into the spotlight, but he’s hedging(!) his bets by encouraging people to gift them to members of Congress.