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Like clockwork, readers call in waves twice a month to bemoan the absence of Savage Love in City Paper. As much as I enjoy jawing with readers—and, really, with all respect because where would we be without you?—I’m getting tired of calling you all back. I’ve got a paper to run.

So by way of explanation: Over the last year, I’ve chosen to hold the popular sex-advice column every other week in favor of an expanded local news section that has investigated the city’s housing crisis, political imbroglios, soulless slumlords, the school system, and our halls of power generally.

Like our counterparts in cities across the country, we too love the peerless Dan Savage and his, um, rigid allegiance to candid consultation on any and all matters of sex—orthodox, kinky, and all flavors in between. Sex in all its complicated glory is as important to us as anyone, and no one unpacks the affairs of the heart and body better or more provocatively than our favorite Seattle advice scribe. 

But we have a limited number of pages every week and have made a deliberate decision to make local news a priority because we believe that’s what matters most to our readers and to the District.

Here’s the deal, though: We have a website, where we run Savage Love every week without exception. It’s always there. So if you pick up the paper and are disappointed not to see the column, please hit us on the web, where you’ll also find other stories, reviews, and commentary that we may not have room for in the dead-tree edition. 

Thanks for reading. And please give my phone line a rest.