Caroline Jones
Caroline Jones

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The sandwich: Classic fried chicken

Where: Mason Dixie Biscuit Co., 2301 Bladensburg Road NE

Price: $7.27

Stuffings: fried chicken, Benton’s bacon, honey, hot sauce

Bread: house-made buttermilk biscuit

Thickness: 3.5 inches

Pros: Mason Dixie specializes in only two things but executes both of them flawlessly. Every crunchy bite of the large chicken thigh is equally juicy and crisp, and the biscuit is creamy and soft. Chef Jason Gehring also ingeniously pairs thick, smoky slices of Benton’s bacon with a vinegar-based hot sauce, giving the sandwich two types of heat.

Cons: The honey is overpowered by the hot sauce, so the salty sandwich could use a bit more sweetness. A significant difference in textures between the biscuit and the chicken forces you to take uneven bites and makes the biscuit crumble in your hands. 

Sloppiness level (1 to 5): 3. A sandwich that sits on a biscuit is inherently messier than those prepared on stiffer breads, so the crumb quotient is high. But by paring down the rest of the toppings, very few ingredients drip or escape, making this an excellent option for ordering from Mason Dixie’s drive-through window when it’s open.

Overall score (1 to 5): 4. While the crumb situation could be improved, and nutrition experts might argue for the addition of fresh vegetables, this is a carb bomb in peak form. Whether you’re looking for an excuse to be gluttonous or just crave some high-quality biscuits, you’ll find both on this corner in Northeast.