Laura Hayes
Laura Hayes

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In early January, a Bethesda diner debuted a “Golden Shower” burger that tipped its hat to Donald Trump and the leaked-but-unconfirmed dossier about possible sex acts that Urban Dictionary can fill you in about. Community served a patty that came “drenched with self-tanning cheddar and yellow mustard leaking down the sides, and topped with a very small pickle,” according to an Instagram description. It came with “a lemon glazed doughnut to provide a memorable happy ending.” 

Though the president has been in office for nearly 158 days now, he’s still inspiring junk food creations. The latest Trump-inspired dish comes from Bub & Pop’s on M Street NW. Dubbed “The Sloppy Don,” it goes on sale today as a weekly special. And as with the “Golden Shower” burger at Community, a portion of proceeds from the sandwich will go to support Planned Parenthood. 

The derivative of a Sloppy Joe features a Nathan’s Famous hot dog topped with traditional stewed Sloppy Joe meat, spicy mustard, bacon, and a cheese dust that deli co-owner Jonathan Taub has created from Doritos, Goldfish, and Cheetos, among other things. “We’ll make a dust out of it, you know like something José Andrés would serve,” Taub says. “You know why it’s going to have an orange tint to it.”

The sandwich costs $6 and will be available through the rest of the week and maybe even longer. Note the description that asks customers to “just grab it by the bun.” It’s salty, sweet, and a little spicy and tastes like all of the best things at the ballpark rolled into one bun. 

Taub says Bub & Pop’s is equal opportunity. “We did a sandwich for Obama. It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t do one for Trump,” he says. But he’s a little worried about POTUS catching word of his creation. “What if this blows up, and it’s everywhere and he gets super pissed?” Taub asks. “Well, we’re running it either way.”

If Trump did want to give Taub a call, it wouldn’t be hard. The deli’s phone number is one digit off from the White House.

Bub & Pop’s, 1815 M St. NW; (202) 457-1111;