Explore: The homegrown exhibit featuring local art, agriculture, and independent businesses at Transformer through Aug. 23. “In with the Tide” by Amy Boone-McCresh. Transformer. 1404 P St. NW. transformerdc.org

Spray On: An all-natural bug spray made by a D.C.-area company. Bug spray, $18. Luna Blu Mar. lunablumar.com

Grab: A set of notebooks with your favorite Star Wars characters. Star Wars mini journal set, $9.95. Transcendence-Perfection-Bliss of the Beyond. 3428 Connecticut Ave. NW. transcendence-perfection-bliss.com

Taste: A freshly made gourmet sandwich. Bread Furst places them in baskets so you can grab-and-go on your lunch break. Fried green tomato sandwich, $10. Bread Furst.  4434 Connecticut Ave. NW. breadfurst.com

Use: A bottle opener that is made from a bicycle chain. Gear & chain bottle opener, $35. Bicycle Trash. bicycletrash.com