Tim Ebner
Tim Ebner

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The Dish: Pancake Burger

Where to Get It: Weekend brunch at Red Apron Burger Bar, 1323 Connecticut Ave. NW; 202-524-5210; redapronburgerbar.com

Price: $8.50

What It Is: For years, chef and butcher Nate Anda has been serving breakfast sandwiches at Red Apron using a thin, round Italian bread known as a tigelle. But it wasn’t until earlier this year when he opened a burger bar in Dupont Circle that he decided to experiment. “We were thinking of a burger offering to serve at breakfast,” he says. “And I had the round ring molds from our breakfast sandwiches, so I filled them with pancake batter.” That quick stroke of genius produced what’s quickly becoming one of the most talked-about breakfast sandwiches in town.

How it Tastes: Offered on Red Apron’s weekend brunch menu, this burger is an irresistible mix of sweet, savory, and greasy, all packed between two buttermilk buns. Each pancake is slathered with a heavy helping of maple butter, then Anda adds his burger with two slices of white American cheese, bacon, and an over-easy egg. Diners can choose between an Angus beef patty or a breakfast sausage patty. Both are accompanied by a silver float of maple syrup on the side for your drizzling delight. Think of this as the classier, older cousin to the Golden Arches’ McGriddles.

Why It Helps: The pancake burger is your salvation from the Sunday shakes. It’s an entire breakfast stacked high on a burger. And just like any good burger, it’s going to get very, very messy. So roll up your sleeves and bow down to the altar of Anda, because you’re about to get elbows deep in a hangover cure that’s good to the last bite.