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To live in this city is to move through a landscape of quasi-familiar faces, senators and philanthropists, anchormen and quarterbacks, people you see often enough to confuse with someone you’ve met at a bar or restaurant. They arrive and disappear in two- and four-year cycles, the regular movements of terms of office or military postings. Sometimes all Washington seems to be is a way station between other cities, other careers. The rarest citizen is one who comes from elsewhere and makes the city his own, conquers it, becomes the very definition of a Washingtonian. That was Jim Vance.


  • Documentary tells story of D.C. residents’ struggles after returning from prison. [WTOP]

  • Did you get caught in the deluge? It was the wettest weekend of the year. [Post]

  • After a hot Monday, temps should dip into the 80s this week. [ABC7]

  • Casting call: Hill staffers wanted for a reality show about working in Congress. [Roll Call]

  • Historic photos of the block the FBI building replaced. [GGW]

  • BWI is the busiest hub in the region. [Post]

  • Sibley Memorial Hospital plans to offer buyouts to cut staff. [NBC4]

  • Fear of Medicaid cuts at D.C. schools serving disabled children. [Post]

  • D.C. Circulator buses break down a lot. [Post]

  • Smithsonian wants to get rid of Imax; filmmakers are protesting. [WTOP, WAMU]

  • Happy Stan is a “walking artist” in Southeast D.C. [WAMU]


LOOSE LIPS LINKS, by Jeffrey Anderson (tips? jeff.anderson@washingtoncitypaper.com)

  • A remembrance of “citizen Jim Vance.” [WCP]

  • Trump to replace Obamaappointees on Metro’s governing board. [Post]

  • Soccer league catches flack, pulls out of favored neighborhood playing field. [DCist]

  • Arnold Foundation funds a D.C. government think tank. [WAMU]

  • Professor straddles divide in education culture war. [Post]

  • Muskplan for Hyperloop is news to Bowser. [DCist]

  • Self-driving cars must yield to cyclists. [WAMU]

  • Bowser is a hit with Log Cabin Republicans. [Blade]

  • ICYMI: Metro cedes Circulator safety role. [WAMU]

ARTS LINKS, by Matt Cohen (tips? mcohen@washingtoncitypaper.com)

  • MPAA hosts its final screening at historic Eye Street NW location before undergoing extensive renovations. [Post]

  • Local filmmaker Justin Doescher owes his career to an iPhone. [DCist]

  • Listen to Bless’ new 7-inch record. [DC Music Download]

  • In his latest One Song essay, Chad Clark argues two songs from Midnight Cowboy are actually—wait for it—one song. [WCP]

  • Members of Anacostia’s Union Temple Baptist Church choir join PJ Harvey onstage at Wolf Trap. [Post]

YOUNG & HUNGRY LINKS, by Laura Hayes (tips? lhayes@washingtoncitypaper.com)

  • Some of the city’s most desperate bar specials. [Washingtonian]

  • Ignoring the heat, these bars offer a taste of the winter holidays in July. [Post]

  • Duke’s Counter celebrates its one-year anniversary by the National Zoo. [Eater]

  • Five new breakfast sandwiches for starting your morning. [Zagat]

  • Wonder what it’s like to work at a prison’s goat farm? [NPR]

HOUSING COMPLEX LINKS, by Andrew Giambrone (tips? agiambrone@washingtoncitypaper.com)

  • Developer changes proposal for controversial mixed-use project in AU Park. [UrbanTurf]

  • Why has Van Ness struggled with attracting, and maintaining, retail options? [UrbanTurf]

  • More on the fracas over Dacha wanting to open a beer garden on 14th Street NW. [Post]

  • And more on the competition for field space for soccer teams in Columbia Heights. [Post]

  • Franklin Park could get a makeover as early as late next year, if all goes smoothly. [WBJ]

  • Op-ed: Land-use and zoning rules benefit the wealthy, make D.C. less equitable. [GGW]

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