Priya Konings
Priya Konings

Hawaiian doughnuts? They’re called “malasadas,” and it’s easy to become a fan. Malasadas originated in Portugal, but laborers brought them to Hawaii in the 1800s. They became, and remain, a popular treat in the tropical state.

Enter Brian and Pin Chanthapanya, who grew up in Hawaii and decided to bring the sweet confection to the East Coast. After opening B.Doughnut in Leesburg in 2015, they are now also operating a pop-up in Union Market through Aug. 13th (Tuesday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and weekends from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.).

Malasadas have more egg in their dough than regular American doughnuts, making for a particularly fluffy pastry. They are also less sweet than the average doughnut. And while the Portuguese version is usually just doused in sugar, Hawaiian malasadas, which is what the Chanthapanyas are serving, are filled with pastry cream or coated in glaze.

Current flavors offered at the pop-up include sugar, chocolate glaze, matcha cream-filled, berry cream-filled, and chocolate cream-filled. The chocolate is made with 100 percent cocoa, making them ideal for chocolate obsessed customers. Traditionalists will love the simple sugar option. The pop-up is also serving savory bagel doughnuts, oozing with whipped cream cheese. Prices range from $2.50 to $3.75 per doughnut.

Although the pop-up will end in a few weeks, the Chanthapanyas are currently researching options for opening a brick-and-mortar storefront in D.C.

B.Doughnut, 1309 5th St. NE;