Leah Cheston

What’s in Stein’s Stein is a new biweekly feature celebrating the liquids made, sold, and served by underrepresented voices in the craft beverage industries.

Beer: Solidarity Beer Brett IPA

Person: Leah Cheston, Co-Owner/Director of Operations, Right Proper Brewing Company – Shaw Brewpub & Kitchen

Hometown: Shelby, N.C.

Price: $6 per pint, $11 per 750 ml bottle

Taste: Solidarity Beer Brett IPA begins with aromas of pink Starburst from the hop and yeast interplay, followed by a soft, silky mouthfeel. The mid-palate possesses an earthy flavor of turmeric and the ale finishes with a spicy, gingersnap bite.

Story: Leah Cheston, who oversees payroll for Right Proper’s 70 employees (15 at the Brookland production facility and 55 at the Shaw Brewpub & Kitchen), typically isn’t a fan of bitter IPAs. “Personally I’m not a huge hop fan,” Cheston confesses, but she has high hopes for the first bottled Solidarity Beer. 

“The Brett usually subdues the bitterness that I tend to not like as much,” Cheston says. “Brett” is short for Brettanomyces—a complex yeast strain that lends a more rustic flavor profile. “I like earthy wine but not when that barnyard funk takes over or when it comes across as a Band-Aid aroma,” Cheston confesses. 

DC Beer Week (8/20–8/27), organized by the DC Brewers Guild, calls for a new brewing of an annual Solidarity Beer. In the past, this “solidarity” came across more in theory than practice because one brewery made it and packaged it in kegs. But this year’s beer is truly collaborative: It was brewed at Right Proper’s Brookland production house and bottled at 3 Stars.

Where to try: Bottles at Right Proper Brookland, 920 Girard St. NE; (202) 526-5904, and drafts at Right Proper Brewing Company in Shaw, 624 T St. NW; (202) 607-2337; rightproperbrewing.com