This week, we learned that beer nerds are sensitive souls who just want to be seen. Our annual Beer Issue usually ruffles the feathers of some D.C. drinkers, and this year’s was no exception. 

In response to Alan Zilberman’s beer bro breakdown (“The Five Bros You Meet at Every D.C. Beer Event,” Aug. 18) @dcbeer wrote, “many bros at beer events *are* annoying caricatures. but they’re not & shouldn’t be the whole scene. beer fans beyond these profiles matter!” We know they matter! We celebrate the products made by underrepresented people in the craft beverage industry every other week in “What’s In Stein’s Stein.”

Others related more closely to Zilberman’s identified characters: the Beer-Splainer, the Bootlicker, the D.C. Beer Dad, the Anti-IPA Guy, and the One-Upper. @BobbyBump wrote “These all exist… Which are you?” He should know: He’s a brewer for Right Proper. “This is great. I’m probably three of the five (at least),” wrote @dumbartonsbeers. Intersectionality is a big deal, even within niche interest groups. Try matching Creative Director Stephanie Rudig’s paintings to faces the next time you fill up your growler.

Meanwhile bicyclists, widely believed to be more sensitive than beer bros, didn’t complain when readers attacked them this past week. City Paper’s biking advice columnist Brian McEntee (“Gear Prudence: How Do I Make It Clear That Drivers Shouldn’t Wait at Stop Signs?” Aug. 18) offered advice on dealing with drivers who wait too long for cyclists at intersections. In response, readers turned on the cyclists. “Idiots. And how do we make it clear to cyclist[s] that they must ride on the road, and stop harassing pedestrians on the sidewalks?” asked Brigitte Bernal on Facebook. And Donna M Pavone, also on Facebook, concluded: “Cyclists are so stupid.”